New to Yoga?

A bit about us

At Hot Yoga Markham, you will find an environment that you can call home. It is our mission to create a fun, encouraging and safe place for you strengthen and tune into your own practice. We welcome all students to our studio, from those who are just starting to those who are more advanced. As you practice more regularly, you can see for yourself the benefits of practicing yoga and our signature classes like Cardio Pump and Hot Pilates. 

The following information will serve as a guide for your first class and hopefully answer any questions you might have.

*All of our classes are lead by the best certified instructors


What is yoga?

Yoga has a long history and is believed to have started more than 3000 years ago in India! The word “yoga” is Sanskrit and it means to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is more than just a physical exercise as it also trains your mind and helps you relax. The main goal of practicing yoga is to train your mind, body, and connect with your spirituality.


Benefits of yoga


The benefits of yoga include stress reduction, body awareness and mental calmness. Overtime, the person becomes aware of his or her body and this enables the person to be comfortable in his or her own skin.



Yoga allows a person to move in ways that can improve the alignment, flexibility, strength and breathing. The body becomes flexible when there are movements in the joints and the muscle. Yoga teaches you to balance and support your own weight.



As for the spiritual aspect, yoga teaches you to be patient and forgiving. People who practice yoga learn how to deal with others as well as self.

Studio Etiquette

ARRIVE EARLY AND BE READY at the yoga room 3-5 min before class.

BE QUIET while waiting for the instructor.

SPARE THE AIR. Avoid wearing scented products. 

REMAIN INSIDE the yoga room during the class. If you have to leave early, please inform the instructor prior to class.

while a class is in session. If you must leave, be very quiet and close the door gently behind you. You are welcome to re-enter between poses.

CELL PHONES AND MOBILE DEVICES are NOT permitted inside the yoga room.

, the final relaxation period is the most important part for your body. If you need to leave early, it is better to skip the last couple of poses to have a relaxation period.

Common Questions

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your own yoga mat, towel and water. We also have mats and towels available for you to rent or purchase if you do not have these items. Please bring water to the studio so you can stay hydrated! We have a water dispenser for you to fill up your bottles as well.

Where can I park?

We have above ground parking and underground parking available. The underground parking lot is located by the East entrance of the plaza (Courtyard Lane).

Do I need to eat anything before class?

Do not eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

What do I need to wear to class?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that allows the body to breathe and move comfortably. These can be any form of stretchy apparel, leggings, yoga pants, or shorts. We also carry yoga apparels that you can purchase at the studio. In the studio, you will practice with your barefoot as that allows your soles to grip the mat and have better awareness of your body.

Do you rent out equipment?

Yes! Our rental equipment includes: 1) 6mm Studio Pro Mat to enhance your practice – $2 2) Soft towels for your practice and shower – $2

How early should I arrive?

For your first class, please arrive to the studio approximately 15-20 minutes before the class starts. This way, you can fill out a short registration form and have time to get ready for class. The extra time before class is a great opportunity to sit, relax, breathe, and warm-up. Latecomers will not be permitted.

Do I need to pre-register to reserve my place?

No, all the classes that are listed on the schedule are considered drop-ins. We recommend that you arrive approximately 15-20 minutes prior to class in order to ensure a spot and give yourself enough time to relax before you begin your practice.

How many times a week should I come to class?

The number of times you practice a week depends on many factors such as other physical activities you participate in, your state of health, and the amount of time you have. We recommend you set up a regular schedule for your yoga and fitness practice. By doing this, you will be able to see a better progression in your mind and body and achieve greater benefits.

The ancient practice for a better tomorrow