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In the busy and fast paced world we live in today, how often do we have time to ourselves? How often do we pause and fully commit to bringing out the best version of ourselves? At the studio is where Ben finds himself the most alive. As a former owner of Hot Yoga Markham, a part of his heart will always remain here.

With an extensive kinesiology background, Ben’s teaching style is quite interesting. He blends art with science through the integration of modern functional movements while preserving the traditional vinyasa flow. This unique teaching methodology acts as the main catalyst to condition the body, thus fortifying the strength and flexibility necessary in building a strong yoga foundation.

Ben believes yoga is more than just doing poses on your mat. Instead, it is a way of living; adding purpose and awareness to your breath, movement, and ultimately your life. Although considered to be well respected teacher, Ben humbly defines himself as forever a student in life.


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